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8+1 produces two films

14 November 2013

Michigan State University presents two short films, 8+1 Science (2012, 13 min) and Taking 8+1 Science into the Classroom (2013, 26 min), which explain the development of a new framework for science education and how teachers can utilize this framework in their classrooms.

Produced by The Center for the Study of Curriculum and the PROM/SE project at Michigan State University; Written by Susan Pettit-Riley; Filmed by Great Life Productions.

Thank you to Jason Schmidt and Greg Delowery at Great Life Productions for their editing and directing expertise; Susan Pettit-Riley for writing the script and editing; and Jacqueline Babcock, Dorothy Van Looy, Andrea Ingram, Julie Parente, and Nicole Kowrach for production assistance. Thank you to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago which allowed us to film on location for both films and to the Board of Advisors who worked with us patiently through the creative process.