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Getting To Know The Rules, Tips, And Tricks Of PUBG

An adage reads “We are all now connected to the internet, like neurons in a giant brain.” It is hard for many of us to spend even a single day without the net access. This holds true for PUBG players as well. Here, let us understand the rules, tips, and tricks of playing this game:

Rules of PUBG:

The first rule is that you will have to survive the 100 players on the battlefield. The second rule is that more the kills or time, the map will start to shrink. So, you should make sure that you are within the shrinking zone. You will see the shrink zone in blue colour. It will shrink as it will bring the players to a single place. In turn, each one of them can fight against each other.

If many people have already been killed and the map is big, all of them will be scattered. To avoid this and to give the space for a single winner, the shrinking zone reduces. In short, the second rule is that you should always play within the shrink zone.

Tips For the game:

I would like to share that you should choose a lonely place to land. When you land, you will see one or two small houses. You can start to explore these houses in the first instance. When you land using a parachute, you should not choose streets with 10-15 houses. The reason is that most players choose the latter with the intention to find many resources. But, it is not important. The essential thing is that irrespective of the items you have gathered, survival is your motto.

You should survive at least among the top 50s. For it to happen, you should land in a lonely house to gather the items. Once you gather items, you can wait for the shrinking zone to reduce. At the same instance, players, who have landed in big streets would be killing each other. In turn, you will have to face a lesser number of enemies.

After your waiting period, you will see that the shrink zone has started to reduce. Now, take a vehicle with all the items that you have gathered from the small houses. Quickly move to the center of the shrink zone. The reason is that shrink zone will finally end in this center. When you take the vehicle, let us consider that you face an enemy. Immediately kill him using the vehicle as he will quickly die if hit by the vehicle.

Tricks For PUBG:

The scope is the first trick I wish to share with you. Your gun will have the feature called scope. It will have different options like 2X, 4X, and 8X. Only when your gun has this feature, you can aim and shoot your enemies. It will help you shoot from a distance without having to get near the enemy. You can get resources like this with the help of a dependable PUBG ESP Hack. Check out privatecheatz.com for more info!

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